Program overview 2018


Starting from 9:30 am
Hofmann, Markus
Advancement through knowledge!
Bittner, Woo-Ttum
Aligner vs. lingual treatment - two esthetic treatment options in comparison
Behyar, Masoud
Simultaneous in vitro 3D force measurement with aligner splints
Malekian, Kamy
Ortho-Perio Protocol For Stable Periodontal Patients Treated With Invisalign® Technique
Erbe, Christina
Systematic review of the effectiveness of Invisalign® and first prospective results on periodontal marker nuclei
Daher, Sam
Accelerated Aligner Orthodontics - Getting better results faster
Bazzucchi, Andrea
Invisalign® and DSD a new era of digital workflow
Starting from 2:15 pm
Peylo, Stephan
CA CLEAR-ALIGNER - what is possible!? Application options, profitability and digital workflow for your own practice
El-Bialy, Tarek
Acceleration planning with complex aligner cases and mandibular advancement in adults
Battle, Jason
ClearCorrect™ for Advanced Aligner Treatments
D‘Antò, Vincenzo
Treatment of patients with dentoalveolar asymmetries using Airnivol® aligners
Hitti, Mirette
Retrospective comparison of mandibular proclination in aligner therapy versus the Herbst appliance
Nemec, Michael
External root resorption during orthodontic treatment with Invisalign® and multiband therapy
Schwarze, Jörg/Wilmes, Benedict
TADs – the turbo in aligner therapy!

Followed by
Presentation of the DGAO Research Award

Starting from 7:30 pm


Starting from 9:00 am
Zach, Michael
Orthodontics without orthodontists?
Zuran, Dietmar
Why aligner treatments do not work
Schupp, Werner/Ehmer, Ulrike
Functional orthodontics and aligner orthodontics - an optional symbiosis
Hofman, Phillip-Jan
Study on white spot lesions during treatment with aligners (Invisalign®Teen) compared to MB treatment
León Valencia, Jhonny
Geniova: A new technique with integrated virtual brackets and coated archwires in Clear Aligners
Benattia, Akim
The Digital Workflow for the Aligners
Sonnenberg, Boris
Systematic approach to success
El Had, Mohamed
The Contribution of the Invisalign® Technique in the Embellishment of the Smile

Starting from 2:00 pm
Get-together on behalf of Biolux®, CA-Digital, Invisalign® and i-Tero®
in the hall foyer

Starting from 2:45 pm
Miethke, Rainer-Reginald/Thomas, Michael
The forgotten ones
Ojima, Kenji
Accelerated protocols for Aligner treatments
Krey, Karl-Friedrich
Suitability of FDM printing processes for manufacturing models in aligner technology – a scientific and clinical evaluation
Stucki, Nils
The last word in aligner design is far from having been spoken!
Drechsler, Thomas
Children, adolescents: they all want aligners! - The options for treating teens
Hammad, Hisham
Aligner Rapid Maxillary/Mandibular Expansion (ARME)
Scheurer, Phil
System check - which aligners are good?

Simultaneous translation

German - English

Starting from 6:10 pm
General assembly
German Association for Aligner Orthodontics e.V.

Subject to change without notice.